Need for Speed the Run.

2011-08-17 02:23:50 by FlatBadger

Hey guys the new NFS game is amazing. Get it when it comes out. I got to play it for about 2 hours. Here is a new pic of me.

Need for Speed the Run.


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2011-08-17 02:31:45

Need for speed started to disapoint me after Carbon. But with Rockstar not putting out any new Midnight club they dont have anyone to compete against in fans of driving games and people get bored of the same cars and parts. This one looks good though.


2011-08-17 05:34:15

I agree with above, Carbon was only alright and the best was by far most wanted.
MidnightClub made by Rockstar games is much better


2012-03-03 18:16:01

both games are good.
still, who is that girl?
nicky lee? or cimore?

tell me, sir.

other than that, how are you?


2012-03-07 22:45:57

damn baby NFS the Run was not good. I think the prob here is that you only played it for 5 mins.